DNH & Associates

      Consultants to Small Schools


Our Commitment

* Reasonable Fees

*Service designed to    meet the needs of the    client

* Extensive communication with the client

*Professional discretion

*Timely completion of the task

* Thorough follow-up




Formed in the summer of 2010, DNH & Associates is a consulting firm focused solely on the needs and resources of small independent schools. Small schools face the same issues inherent in all learning communities. Generally they lack the human and financial resources to call on consultants for objective help in resolving the issues. DNH & Associates believes small schools can benefit from short-term, inexpensive consulting services. To maintain a reasonable cost structure, the firm will tap into the vast knowledge base of retired independent school educators and current small school leaders.

President David N. Hursty has forty years of independent school experience; many of those years were spent at small schools. When a school contracts with DNH & Associates, Mr. Hursty will evaluate the need and determine the appropriate individual(s) to assist the school. In all cases the consultant will have first-hand experience with the concerns of the client school. If Mr. Hursty is not the lead consultant he will always be in close communication with the associate and the client. By using current and retired school people on a short-term basis, the cost to the school will be kept reasonable.

As a former headmaster, Mr. Hursty has employed numerous consultants. He believes strongly that follow-up is crucial to a successful relationship between consultant and client. Too often the consultant ends the contract with a report and that is the end of the relationship. DNH & Associates is committed to thorough follow-up to help the client make effective use of the consultancy.

DNH & Associates has an extensive list of services that it offers client schools. Each of the services has multiple layers of involvement. DNH & Associates can tailor the level of support to the specific needs of the school. The firm is committed to listening to the client before recommending a level of service.

DNH & Associates recognizes the needs and limitations of the small independent school and is committed to a high level of service at a reasonable cost.