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Why You Should File Your State Taxes Online


Why You Should File Your State Taxes Online

dnhconsults December 30, 2017

Filing federal taxes can be a unpleasant task, especially for those who must also file state tax return as well. You can certainly file both your federal and state tax returns at the same time or you could decide to file them at different times. However, if you are going to file your taxes using just a pen and paper then you must file your federal and state income tax returns separately as they will have to be mailed to separate places. If you want to save yourself some trouble, the best solution is to go ahead and file federal and state at the same time.

You can, of course, e-file your state taxes online alongside with your federal return, but the real question is “How do you know when you need to file a state tax return?” There are a lucky few states that don’t have income taxes. The rest of us however will have to pleasure of filing a state tax return. You can discover the answer to whether or not you have to file a state tax return on one (or more) of the forms that your employer has mailed to you. If you take a look through the tax forms you received this year, you will likely obtain a W-2 form. During the tax year, you receive income from your employer and pay taxes to government. The amounts you earned and paid in are shown on your W-2 form. If your state requires you to pay taxes, then you will obtain a dollar amount in a box at the bottom and the name of the state that you worked in, or need to file taxes for. You may have to file state taxes for state you didn’t live in. This is called a nonresident tax return. If an employers is based in a state that pays state taxes, and that value is indicated on your W-2 form, then you will have to file a tax return for that state.

For example, if you are a boiler maker that lives in Florida (where they don’t pay state income taxes) but you travel to New Jersey to work, you will have to pay New Jersey taxes even though you don’t live there. One benefit of filing your state income tax return online is that your information gets transferred over when you finish filing your federal return.

Whatever tax solution you choose will permit you to e-file your state income tax return with your state government. If there are any errors while filing your taxes, then you’ll receive a prompt notice from the tax company. Filing your state return online will allow you to get your refund much faster than you would if you were filing a state return by hand. So if you’re tired of filing paper forms with the IRS, give e-filing your state income tax return a try. The IRS strongly encourages the filing of both federal and state income taxes online. If you desire to get your hands on your hard earned money faster, give it a try this tax season.

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